Product Page - 2021 Fraud Friday #10: How To Avoid & Survive Violence
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2021 Fraud Friday #10: How To Avoid & Survive Violence
$350.00 USD

Session Description: The presentation is designed to help people avoid and intervene ahead of violence. However, when that’s not possible it gives practical, easy to apply principles which will help people survive different types of violent encounters. You’ll hear our guest speaker talk in detail about the following 6 points.
1. Situational Awareness, including questions to develop these skills.
2. Personal Safety Principles (includes some basic defensive tactics).
3. Active Shooter facts and what they teach us.
4. 11 Pre-Indicators of violence, so you can intercede before violence.
5. Takeaways from past mass causality events.
6. Run-Hide-Fight

Who Should Attend?

Qualifies for up to 1.2 AAP and APRP Continuing Education Credits Per Webinar