Product Page - The Return & Change Codes of the Nacha Operating Rules
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The Return & Change Codes of the Nacha Operating Rules
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Publisher: UMACHA
Year: 2020
This widely used quick reference tool has been updated and is what every ACH participant needs to assist with their day-to-day ACH Operations. In this unique "tennis court" design, you'll have all the Standard Entry Class (SEC) Codes (otherwise referred to as the forward ACH entry); plus all the return reason codes, NOC codes, including timeframes allowed for each according to the ACH Rules, all in one place.

This “cheat sheet” is 11 x 17 when opened and folds to 8.5” x 11” and resembles a "tennis court" outlining the forward and return process within the ACH Rules. Section #1 identifies forward entries with a complete listing of all SEC Codes. Section #2 defines the return timeframes and all return reason codes, including administrative and unauthorized. Section #3 contains the dishonored return reason codes with timeframes and Section #4 contains the Contested and Corrected Dishonored Return Reason Codes with the required timeframes.

The "tennis balls" identify the NOC (Notification of Change) Codes, including refused and corrected NOCs. The center of the tennis court is represented by the ACH Operator, defining the Return Reason Codes for error conditions, to be used by the ACH Operator ONLY. Pictured in the lower left is a "scoreboard" defining the "forward and return process and when it MUST go outside the ACH network for disputes.

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