Product Page - 2021 Fraud Friday #09: AARP Fraud Watch Network
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2021 Fraud Friday #09: AARP Fraud Watch Network
$350.00 USD

Speaker: Joe  Malhoit, Retired FBI Agent, All points North Consulting
Description:  Our guest speaker will discuss the following in his session:

  1. Situational Awareness, including questions to develop these skills.
  2. Personal Safety Principles (includes some basic defensive tactics).
  3. Active Shooter facts and what they teach us.
  4. 11 Pre-Indicators of violence, so you can intercede before violence.
  5. Takeaways from past mass causality events.
  6. Run-Hide-Fight

Who Should Attend?

Qualifies for up to 1.2 AAP and APRP Continuing Education Credits Per Webinar