Product Page - 2021 Fraud Friday #07: Unauthorized Checks & Timely Returns
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2021 Fraud Friday #07: Unauthorized Checks & Timely Returns
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Session Description: Unauthorized Checks and Timely Returns: Counterfeits, forgeries, altered checks, unauthorized Remotely Created Checks: What do you do when a customer tells you an unauthorized check has paid against their account? This session will review the UCC and Regulation CC warranties made by a Depositary Bank when it presents checks for payment to a Paying Bank, and the obligations of a Paying Bank when it pays unauthorized checks. Learn and understand timely return requirements as specified by the UCC Midnight Deadline for all returns and the Regulation CC expedited return warranty made by a Paying Bank when it returns a check. In addition, this session will help you understand the ECCHO Rule 9 warranty made in the exchange of counterfeits and forgeries under ECCHO governed exchanges.

Who Should Attend?

Qualifies for up to 1.2 AAP and APRP Continuing Education Credits Per Webinar