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Our ACH Quick Reference Cards for Corporates is specifically designed for the corporate end user.
Do you have questions about ACH operations?  Find your answers in these handy quick reference cards you can keep right at your operations desk so they never have to search for an answer again.
This handy set of cards includes all the crucial topics your check operations need to know to process checks. 
Publisher: UMACHA
Year: 2021

This quick reference tool is what every company needs to highlight the “need to know information” about ACH! 8.5"x11'. 2-sided. Durable.

This Regulation E flow chart will assist you and your dispute resolution staff in the steps they need to take to handle, process,  and resolve Electronic Funds Transfers.
Publisher: UMACHA
Year: 2020
Your operations staff will want this handy reference card to turn to when processing ACH returns. Listing the most frequently used return codes and categorizing them into easy-to-find groups, this card provides important "must know" information specific to each code, such as: Return Timeframes, Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (WSUD) Requirements, Codes Specific to Stop Payments and Represented Checks (RCK), Consumer or Non-Consumer Accounts, and Common Dishonored and Contested-Dishonored Returns. 8.5"x11'. 2-sided. Durable.
Publisher: UMACHA
Year: 2022
A complete 15-card set includes 13 SEC Codes: PPD, TEL, CCD, CTX, WEB [Credit], WEB [Debit], ARC, BOC, POP, POS, RCK, CIE, IAT. These durable desktop reference cards contain the most up-to-date details pertaining to the specific rules unique to each SEC Code. The requirements and special rules, including return information is detailed on these cards which are invaluable to all ACH Participants. This ideal tool can assist financial institutions with Rule Compliance whether originating or receiving these types of ACH transactions, plus help aid in Originator education. These detail cards are a must for all financial institutions and Originators alike! Updated January 2021
Publisher: UMACHA
Year: 2020
This widely used quick reference tool has been updated and is what every ACH participant needs to assist with their day-to-day ACH Operations. In this unique "tennis court" design, you'll have all the Standard Entry Class (SEC) Codes (otherwise referred to as the forward ACH entry); plus all the return reason codes, NOC codes, including timeframes allowed for each according to the ACH Rules, all in one place.
Publisher: UMACHA
Year: 2021
UMACHA has created this tool to help your operations staff when facing a stop pay vs. Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (WSUD) dilemma. One side was created to showcase all unauthorized return reason codes and their respective deadlines as well as the difference between consumer and non-consumer (business). On the reverse side, we have developed an easy to follow flow chart to help your operations staff determine requirements and their course of action. 8.5”x11”. 2-sided. Durable.