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Fraud Friday #1: John McCullough, Financial & Retailers Protection Association (FRPA)
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Central
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Series Description: Fraud, scams, and financial crimes continue to remain an ever-evolving battle as, despite the motive often staying the same, the tactics continue changing over time. During this series, you will gain insights about the types of scams faced by financial institutions and recommendations to help mitigate against the risk of becoming victim to these frauds.

This series is co-sponsored by UMACHA and the Financial & Retailers Protection Association (FRPA).

Session Description: John McCullough from the Financial & Retailers Protection Association (FRPA) will discuss his knowledge and experience working with senior fraud cases, as well as what financial institutions (FIs) can and should consider in assisting senior citizens over the next few years. This will include providing account alert checklists for senior accounts (with examples) and offering supportive designated opt-in features. Additionally, he will present new FI services designed to guide seniors on power of attorney (POA) resources, tax resources, wealth management, healthcare, property, and investment advice, including Social Security decisions and navigation assistance for seniors. John also possesses experience with the Minnesota legislation process on new laws and will discuss potential new legislation and forward-thinking strategies to assist seniors and FIs, thereby enabling better support services to reduce financial exploitation of vulnerable adults and prevent them from becoming victims.

Speaker: John McCullough, Financial & Retailers Protection Association (FRPA)

Setting: Live Virtual
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